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Adtalem’s 2023 Sustainability Report, Bridging the Gap, is now available.

The report showcases the company’s commitment to providing educational access at scale to address workforce shortages and health equity. Learn about how Adtalem is driving its commitment forward while advancing numerous environmental, social and governance goals that create a measurable and meaningful impact on society.

Every Mom Deserves Care

Equity, Delivered is Adtalem’s response to the enormously complex issue of maternal health in the United States. From racial inequity to mental health concerns to mortality rates that would make the 1800s blush, there’s plenty that needs addressing. At Adtalem, we’re starting with a simple first step – talking about it.

Thump-thump, Thump-thump, Thump-thump...

The healthcare provider workforce is the beating heart of America. And as with any heartbeat, it’s not always visible but constantly working and keeping us all alive and healthy. Sadly, they don’t have the support they need, which is precisely where Adtalem steps in…

Unveiling Justice: Critical Expertise in a Groundbreaking Trial

Revisit the landmark Murdaugh murder trial through the eyes of Kenneth Kinsey, PhD ’19, a Walden University alumnus whose expert testimony played a pivotal role in the verdict.

#WeAreAdtalem: Our Mission to Expand Access to Education

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Adtalem is committed to a holistic approach in our communities by providing quality learning and working opportunities, caring for the places where we operate and conducting our business in a transparent and responsible manner. Adtalem’s environmental, social and governance practices support our purpose and aim to empower and enhance the communities in which we teach, learn and work by operating sustainably, maintaining responsible governance standards and supporting our global community.

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