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skills gap

Skills Gap

Adtalem institutions provide academic programs for in-demand fields, such as allied health, nursing, computer technology, and medicine. Many of these fields are projecting future labor shortfalls with the potential to impact the global workforce. Adtalem subject matter experts can speak to how higher education can help bridge the skills gap.

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Adtalem’s institutions have extensive subject matter expertise in all areas of nursing and nursing education, including simulated learning environments.

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Workforce Development

Adtalem institutions are career-focused and work closely with employers to help them meet their workforce training needs. Our schools help bridge the skills gap in crucial workforce areas, such as nursing, primary care physicians, computer technology and support, and other in-demand fields.

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Game-Based Learning

Adtalem is a leader in creating game-based learning to increase learning outcomes and retention. Examples include “Accounting for Empires” an interactive mobile game experience to help students with their CPA exam review; and “Pharma Collegē,” a web-based game application and finalist for the 2015 SIIA Education CODiE Award in the “Best Postsecondary Learning Solution” category.

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Simulation Learning

Adtalem nursing and medical programs make extensive use of simulated learning environments, an example being our SIMCARE CENTER nursing skills laboratories. Students make use of patient simulators that react much like a live patient would. The labs provide a safe environment for students to advance their knowledge, hone their skills and learn from their mistakes.

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Anti-Money Laundering icon

Anti-Money Laundering

Adtalem Global Education includes the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), the largest international membership organization dedicated to advancing the professional knowledge of those dedicated to the detection and prevention of money laundering around the world. Anti-money laundering is at the center of many crime prevention areas, including anti-bribery, corruption, cybersecurity and human trafficking.

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Professional Education Test Prep icon

Professional Education Test Prep

Our subject matter experts have significant experience in test preparation, especially in CPA, CMA and ACCA certification exams, as well as medical and nursing related exams such as USMLE and NCLEX.

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Online Learning

Adtalem institutions are at the forefront of online education and learning, with significant subject matter expertise in online curriculum development, pedagogy and student support.

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higher education in brasil

Higher Education in Brasil

Adtalem, through its Adtalem Educacional do Brasil, has significant subject matter expertise in Brazilian higher education. Our Brasil institutions offer more than 300 undergraduate programs in areas such as healthcare, law, business management, engineering and technology.

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