View from the C-Suite: Do You Have a Heart for People?

June 27, 2024
a headshot of Dr. Shawnte Elbert with the text "view from the C-Suite"

Advice for aspiring leaders from a chief health equity officer and Walden University faculty member.  

Dr. Shawnté Elbert is chief health equity officer for Columbus Public Health, which helps create safer, healthier living conditions for the nearly 1 million residents of Ohio’s capital. Her mission is to “reduce disparities, increase life expectancy, and enhance the quality of life for residents.”

A first-generation college graduate, she is co-author of the new book Healing in Review: College Edition, published with her twin sister, with whom she owns a counseling and coaching service. Her endeavors as a counselor and author are built on her more than 15 years in university wellness and health education.

She brings her wealth of experience to students in Walden University’s PhD in Health Education and Promotion program as a contributing faculty member. She often serves on dissertation committees.  

​Walden University was No. 1 in public health doctoral graduates in the U.S. in 2021.

“Many of the students I’ve worked with have been focused on addressing health disparities and health equity. I provide my lived experience and research as a practitioner and professional as they do their dissertations,” says Dr. Elbert. “I do this work day in and day out, so I can quickly tap into my colleagues in higher education and city government to provide resources for students.”

Here Dr. Elbert shares her advice for those who aspire to leadership roles.

Shawnte Elbert speaking on video

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