Steven Tom: Navigating the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

December 19, 2023
"Steven Tom"

Adtalem’s Chief Customer Officer, Steven Tom, provides valuable insights on the burgeoning field of AI consulting in an article for Success.  

Digital transformation leader and Adtalem Global Education chief customer officer Steven Tom was featured by Success on working with artificial intelligence consultants. With the AI market expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2030 according to Statista, Tom's insights are not just timely, but pivotal for businesses seeking to navigate this new frontier. 

Tom speaks to the essence of recognizing when a business is primed for AI integration, a moment he describes as the intersection of opportunity and uncertainty.  

"Typically, companies know it’s time to start working with AI when they’re met with an opportunity or interest, but aren’t sure how to get started," Tom told Success. “That’s where an AI expert helps an organization go from intrigue to opportunity and then to execution and realization.”

Moreover, Tom advocates for a hands-on approach to assess AI consultants, highlighting the effectiveness of paid test assignments to gauge their capability and alignment with the company's goals.  

“One technique that I’ve always found helpful is to ask the individual or potential partner to frame a solution to a potential need,” said Tom. “This tests the depth of their approach and gives your internal teams the opportunity to review and ask questions to determine how well the individual or partner has thought through the approach.”

About Steven Tom

Steven Tom, appointed senior vice president and chief customer officer at Adtalem Global Education in 2021, enhances student experiences and drives strategic partnerships across Adtalem’s institutions. Tom's previous roles include leading digital transformation at Walden University and spearheading analytics at TESSCO Technologies, complemented by his management consulting experience at Deloitte. He holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and dual bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maryland.

For a more in-depth exploration of Steven Tom's insights and a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic world of AI consulting, delve into the full article on Success.

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