TD Ameritrade Network Highlights Role of Adtalem in Healthcare

July 17, 2023
Steve Beard TD Ameritrade

On July 10, Adtalem Global Education President and CEO Steve Beard joined TD Ameritrade Network anchor Oliver Renick for a wide-ranging, live interview. Beard described how Adtalem universities are providing access to high-quality postsecondary education that is helping the healthcare industry address workforce shortages.   

“We believe we are systematically important to healthcare given the scale that we have, the number of graduates we send to that market every year, and the opportunities we have to do more as we grow,” Beard said. “We have fabulous persistence rates, fabulous graduation rates, but most importantly we want to be famous for the number of folks we provide access to, not famous for the number of folks we turn away.”  

Watch the interview.