Spelman College Students Get Hands-on Experience at Adtalem Medical School

April 11, 2024
a group of Spelman University students visiting Ross University School of Medicine

Pre-med students from the historically Black college participated in community outreach and other activities at Ross University School of Medicine in Barbados.  


In March, 21 pre-med students and two faculty members from Spelman College visited Ross University School of Medicine. Their week at RUSM in Barbados included an obesity symposium, visits to local clinics, presentations on public health, academic lectures, cultural excursions and meetings with Spelman alumnae at RUSM.

RUSM delivers an innovative medical education program in an inclusive environment that fosters professional growth and leadership. By collaborating with Spelman College, RUSM strives to make a meaningful impact in the global community by advancing health equity and delivering diverse, highly qualified healthcare clinicians.      

Only 2.8% of physicians are Black women, according to a 2021 study published in the National Library of Medicine.

Photos from Spelman College’s Visit to RUSM

a Spelman University students performs a supervised health screening

Spelman students performed health screenings of community members at a local mall with supervision from local physicians and nurses. The experience was part of RUSM’s Community Clinical Experience, an initiative that works to provide quality healthcare services in local communities.  

Sherie Ried, anatomy lab coordinator, demonstrates an ultrasound for Spelman students.  

Sherie Ried demonstrates an ultrasound for Spelman students.
Dr. Rakesh Calton gives Spelman students a tour of RUSM’s simulation institute

Dr. Rakesh Calton, director of simulation at RUSM, gives Spelman students a tour of RUSM’s simulation institute. 

Dr. Rhonda McIntyre, center, senior associate dean of external affairs at Ross University School of Medicine, and Dr. Rosalin Gregory-Bass, right, director of Health Careers Program and associate professor in the Environmental and Health Sciences program at Spelman College, helped to organize the unique global health experience for the Spelman students. 

Drs. Rhonda McIntyre and Rosalin Gregory-Bass talking during the visit

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