Meet Adtalem’s Chief Marketing Officer Maurice Herrera

October 11, 2023
"Maurice Herrera"

See how CMO Maurice Herrera’s Hispanic heritage influences him professionally and connects him with Adtalem Global Education’s mission in this video.  


About Maurice Herrera 

Maurice Herrera joined Adtalem Global Education as chief marketing officer in October 2021. He brought more than 30 years of marketing experience, many leading iconic brands.  

As U.S. CMO of Weight Watchers, he overhauled their marketing approach with storytelling from actual customers and by forming a partnership with Oprah Winfrey. His achievements at Weight Watchers were featured in the 2018 book ProphetAbility: The Revealing Story of Why Companies Succeed, Fail and Bounce Back

“I’m very privileged that I’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of some of the most iconic brands in the United States and even globally,” he says. He got his start at Pillsbury, transitioned to Campbell Soup and then PepsiCo. Most recently he was CMO of the Americas for Avis Budget.  

Maurice Herrera on His Marketing Principles 

Herrera says that his strategy at Adtalem is on brand-focused narratives that inspire students to be part of each university community. There are three marketing principles that are key to his success.  

“First is that we be consumer centric. By that I mean that we are as empathetic as possible in terms of walking in the shoes of our prospects, really understanding what is in their minds and in their hearts to inform how we show up in the marketplace. 

“Second is that we be outcomes focused, that we have a keen sense of the desired outcome from every marketing activation.  

“Third is that we be data driven. We are constantly exploring, experimenting, and testing. We’re using data to navigate what’s working well for us and do more of that.” 

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