Interview with Chedder: Adtalem Chairman and CEO Lisa Wardell on Boosting Diversity and Economic Opportunity

July 30, 2020
Screenshot of video interview of Lisa Wardell on Cheddar

Today on Cheddar Inc.’s first episode of, “All Hands: Race Toward Inclusion” Adtalem’s Chairman and CEO Lisa Wardell shared her thoughts on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how new skills will be required for a post-pandemic world.

Adtalem’s mission to educate and train students, particularly minorities, by providing access to education is important to fill critical roles in healthcare and financial services and can help reduce minorities from being displaced from the workforce by new technologies. Lisa also highlighted that companies should view inclusion holistically, by addressing the needs of their employees – mental health, transportation, childcare, etc. – so those employees can get back to work as the pandemic wanes. In order to truly understand the impact of D&I initiatives, companies must measure outcomes and share best practices help other companies who are just starting their D&I journey. Watch her full interview here: