Empowered at Adtalem: Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship Recipients

March 26, 2024
A headshot of Kathy Modene with the Empower Scholarship Fund logo

Nursing students from Chamberlain University who receive the scholarship are honoring the legacy of a significant leader in Adtalem history. 

The Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship is named after Kathleen ”Kathy” Modene, a pediatric nurse and Chamberlain University faculty member who played a key role when the university transitioned from Deaconess College of Nursing to Chamberlain. In 2006, under her leadership as director of institutional and program accreditation, the school grew from a single site in St. Louis to 20 campuses across the country.

This Empower Scholarship was established by family, friends, and her Chamberlain colleagues to honor the legacy of a woman who held a special place in her heart and career. She is heralded by colleagues as having an incredible ability to counsel students who entered her office overwhelmed but walked out saying, “I can do this now.”

Here are the stories shared by two recent recipients of the Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship at Chamberlain University.

a photo of Noemi Mendoza

Inspired to Care with Empathy: Noemi Mendoza

I have been working as a medical assistant for over 20 years; I primarily work assisting doctors in the outpatient setting, but I also work shoulder-to-shoulder with nurses, and I have come to understand that nursing is a noble and rewarding profession that requires a deep sense of compassion, dedication, and a desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

I believe the most important attribute of an exemplary nurse is empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, especially those who are vulnerable, which is essential for providing compassionate care. An exemplary nurse must be able to empathize with patients and their families to help them feel understood and cared for.

Conquering Her Son’s Cancer: Snyquis Walden

November 28, 2014, I had the worst experience a parent could have. My 3-year-old baby-boy was admitted into the PICU with a diagnosis of lymphoblastic lymphoma. I would never forget the sense of urgency the nurses had when the doctors found his tumor. I did not know what was going on at the time, but what I did know was the nurses cared, they were selfless, showed compassion, and gave us the best care given the circumstances.

During the three years of treatment, I have met great nurses. I have watched them provide phenomenal care repetitively. In my spare time, I did a lot of research on the nursing profession; I am sure that this is my calling. The care we received impacted my decision to become a nurse.

Since 2016, the Empower Scholarship Fund has offered more than 2,700 scholarships totaling more than $5 million to support students.

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