Daily Nurse: ‘Building the Nursing Pipeline by Addressing Social Determinants of Learning’

July 25, 2023
"Karen Cox"

In a Q&A, Dr. Karen Cox, president of Chamberlain University and a leader at Adtalem Global Education, shares how the university helps prospective nursing students overcome a wide range of barriers on their educational journey. 

The United States is facing a significant shortage of nurses, with projections indicating over half a million by 2030.* However, there are barriers within nursing education that can hinder students’ completion of their degrees, particularly affecting applicants from diverse communities.

In an article published by the Daily Nurse, Chamberlain University President Dr. Karen Cox discusses how Adtalem Global Education employs the Social Determinants of Learning (SDOL) framework in its nursing programs to “look at students as a whole,” going beyond grade point average for admissions for example.

“We did a study at Chamberlain that shows only 30% of success or progress is related to people’s academic abilities. Seventy percent is related to psychosocial factors,” Dr. Cox says in the interview, while asserting that the SDOL framework prioritizes access and inclusivity to better meet students' requirements.

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*According to the United States Registered Nurse Workforce Report Card and Shortage Forecast published in the September/October 2019 issue of the American Journal of Medical Quality,​there is a projected nationwide nursing shortage of over half a million nurses by 2030.