Artificial Intelligence as a Catalyst for Personalized Learning

May 3, 2024
Steven Tom speaking at the Google Cloud conference

Chief Customer Officer Steven Tom shared his experience with AI in higher education at the Google Cloud Next conference and the ASU+GSV summit. 

In April, Adtalem Global Education Chief Customer Officer Steven Tom participated in “Making Education More Personal and Accessible,” a panel discussion at the Google Cloud Next conference. He described how Adtalem’s use of artificial intelligence has evolved from the AI learning tutor “Julian”—one of the first large language model applications in higher education—to a broader strategy of supporting students with innovative experiences and technologies. In addition, he highlighted how today’s rapid advances in generative AI capabilities will enhance personalized learning and tailor engagement with students at-scale.

Steven Tom at ASU+GSV Summit

Tom also contributed to a panel discussion, “Let’s Get Personal: AI’s Impact on Adaptive Learning,” at the ASU+GSV summit in April. He shared his experiences with early generative AI and large language models, as well as how Adtalem evaluates innovative technologies through lenses of the student experience, data-driven decision-making, and productivity improvements.

Now is the moment for personalized learning with AI as the catalyst. We see this as a renaissance period.
Steven Tom speaking during an artificial intelligence panel


He also talked about continuing Adtalem’s focus to leverage AI to help healthcare students master complex information, deliver just-in-time support for students on their education journey, and identify ways to help faculty be more effective in engaging with students.  He stressed the importance of responsible AI practices and data quality in improving the adoption and accuracy of AI in education.

“Adtalem is embracing the promise of AI and firmly believes its benefits in education far outweigh challenges, offering unprecedented opportunities to enhance access to education, improving student outcomes and preparedness for careers, while reducing barriers to student success,” adds Tom. 

About Steven Tom

Steven Tom has been chief customer officer at Adtalem Global Education since 2021. In this role, he partners with Adtalem’s universities to optimize the student experience using data and innovative technology. Previously, he led digital transformation, student experience, technology, and operations at Walden University, which is now part of Adtalem; was senior vice president of analytics, innovation, and learning at TESSCO Technologies; and a management consultant with Deloitte’s strategy practice.

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