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At Adtalem, we envision a world where health is in harmony for people, animals, and the environment. Our commitment to interdisciplinary education and research across multiple healthcare disciplines fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in healthcare education preparing students to become the next generation of global health leaders promoting health solutions for the communities, environments, and animals they serve.

Join us in discovering the power of One Health—a holistic approach connecting human, animal, and environmental health. By breaking down silos and fostering collaboration, One Health aims to address global health challenges, from infectious diseases to environmental sustainability. Join the movement with Adtalem and be part of a healthier, harmonious world. 

Insights and Impact

Stories of how Adtalem is fostering Health in Harmony.

"Bridging the Gap 2023 Sustainability Report"
New Sustainability Report Details Adtalem’s Impact on Education, Healthcare

‘Bridging the Gap’ highlights commitment to providing educational access at scale to address workforce shortages and health equity.

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Purple Gallinule on the lookout taken at Circle B Bar Reserve, Florida
How a Veterinary Student Views the World with a Camera Lens

Celebrate the natural beauty of our world with Hope Bartlin, an Adtalem student and award-winning wildlife photographer. See some of her best photos.

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How Adtalem Students Help Improve Veterinary Education
How Adtalem Students Help Improve Veterinary Education

From dental care for dogs to course development, future veterinarians at Adtalem are helping improve how they learn to be caring healthcare providers.

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