Article display locations

Articles (including Articles, Press Releases, and Videos) are displayed some places automatically, in other areas selectively, and must be manually authored in other locations.

Automatic display

These locations are always populated by applicable Articles.

Article Category Pages

Each category has a listing page:

Newsroom's recent Articles by category

The 3 most recent articles from each category are displayed in sections at

Press Releases

Article's Related Articles footer

On any Article page, the two most recent Articles of the same category are displayed.

(Screenshot needed)

Selective display

In these locations, we can select articles to be displayed in a "templated" format. Articles are selected by Type (category), using Tags, or by referencing the Article by its name.

Homepage recent Articles

(This has been referred to as the "three across the middle" section.)

In the future we would like this to display Articles based on a Tag (e.g. "Homepage recent articles" tag), similar to the way that we display in the Newsroom using the Top Stories tag.

Manual display

There are some places that require manual authoring to display an Article. This means that we copy/paste or type out the title, description, and/or links to the Article.

As a result, these locations allow us to be more flexible in what we display, but also require more time to update.